A workload plan is a calendar used to reflect specific working hours of an individual resource. It is the basis for individual capacity calculation.

It determines the users' daily, weekly and monthly capacity.

Similarly, like with Holidays plans users can be assigned to those plans using the Resource Manager. A Resource can be assigned to multiple workload plans, for example, a different plan for the summer season and different for the winter one. 

Security and access

  • Only a person with the App admin security role can access this page.
  • To create workload plans go to Administration > Workload plans
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Adding new plans

Click the 'Add new plan' button and enter the name and code (max. 10 characters). The name of the currently active plan is displayed in the resource list on the Resource manager page.

Editing the calendar

Click the name of the plan or the 'Details' button to view and edit the working hours. If you want to change the name or the code click the "Edit' button.

When in the detail view, click the "Edit" button to change the working hours. Using drag and drop you can set and move the working period for each day. Alternatively, enter the working hours for each day using the boxes below the week days.

The daily working hours are the daily capacity of resources used by the Gantt module. 

Deleting plans

To delete a plan click the 'Delete' on the details page or the Workload plans page . You can not delete the default plans.

If a resource was assigned to a deleted plan, the App assigns the Default Workload Plan instead. 

Default Workload plan

When a task is added to the scope of a Box, or when the currently assigned plan is deleted, the task assignee is automatically assigned to the default workload plan.

Non-working days

You can set the work time to 0 to define a non-working day

Maximum work time

The maximum time is 24h and the calendar uses 5 minutes of granulation.

It is possible to exceed the 24h limit by specifying the 'Efficiency' in the Resource manager section.