The Search box functionality will help you quickly find the things you're interested in, and filter out unwanted tasks or Boxes. The search box operates in two modes:

    • Text search mode which filters information based on the Jira summary field (Boxes and tasks)
    • JQL mode which, as the name suggests, filters information using JQL queries (tasks only)

To learn more about BigPicture JQL commends go to JQL Enhanced page.

Search modes

The text search is the default mode. To switch to a different mode click the  ABC (or TXT) icon or JQL icon found in the search box:

Text search

In most modules, you can search the task list using the text fields of your tasks. Text fields depend on your connected tools (Trello, Jira, etc.). 

For example, the search will check contents of all text fields of Jira issues, such as:

  • summary
  • description
  • environment
  • comments
  • custom fields
    • free text field (unlimited text)
    • text field (<225 characters)
    • read-only text field

Jira issue key is not a text field. Use the JQL search to filter by issue key. 

In the case of the Overview module, which shows Boxes, you can text search using:

  • Box Id,
  • Box Summary
  • Box Description

For example, the word 'project' is used in the description of two Boxes:

Text search limitations - use of square brackets

Use of square brackets is not supported by the text search - limitations of Jira's 'text~' search apply.

JQL Search

Start typing in the search box to open the JQL drop-down which will help you find the query. The icon will change its color to red if the JQL query you typed in is incorrect.

For example, to search for task in Done status category type in the following JQL query: "statusCategory = Done"

JQL related to order in which tasks are being displayed is in conflict with how the module shows tasks - therefore, it can’t be executed. 

Active Search

The active search box will be cleared automatically when you switch to another module and then return to the Scope Module.

Applying Filters

When the filter is active, you will see an orange dot on the filter icon.

Tasks which do not match the filter will be greyed out. This applies to parent tasks so you can trace how lower-level tasks contribute to higher-level items.

Deleting the search

To clear the search box, delete your search query and press the enter key or click on the magnifying glass button.

Affected by

Gantt - Group tasks

Search (both JQL and text) doesn't filter tasks when they are grouped in the Gantt module.