You can track Project milestones using the Infobar in the Gantt module. Navigate to the selected milestone by clicking on the "Target" icon next to the milestone on the list

Milestones can be interpreted as:

  • Markers of reaching an identifiable stage in any task or the project
  • Software release life cycle states

On the timeline, Milestones are represented as diamonds that do not have any duration.

Converting a Task to a Milestone

To convert a task to a milestone or vice versa, right-click on the selected task (on the task list) or use the ". . ." button in the vertical dialog:

Milestone Synchronization

You can synchronize Milestone information using the "Label" field. When you convert a task to a milestone, the app will create a #milestone label:

Labels will be added or removed in the following scenarios:

  • A task is converted into a milestone -> the #milestone label in Jira is added
  • A milestone is converted into a regular task -> the #milestone label in Jira is removed
  • A milestone is converted into a parent task -> the #milestone label in Jira is removed

To generate labels you need to configure the filed mapping in Task when a milestone is created.

Milestone Overview - Infobar

You can show the list of milestones using the Gantt's Infobar: