Working with your tasks can be much faster if you could reduce the number of clicks. Go pro, and save time by learning the Keyboard Shortcuts.

With the shortcuts, you can perform basic operations, such as selecting, structuring, or editing your work items.

You can also quickly adjust the view by changing the scale or task layout.

Displaying shortcuts

Press '?' ('Shift + /') to display the shortcut dialogue box.  

Available Shortcuts

The screen below shows a list of all commands:

Basic operations

  • Select item Left-Click
  • Edit item E
  • Move up Shift+↑
  • Move down Shift+↓
  • Indent Shift+→
  • Outdent
  • Shift+←

Tree Navigation

Wallboard mode

  • Toggle wallboard mode Z


  • ReSync RR
  • Undo in the scenario mode Cmd+Z
  • Open Help Dialog Shift+?