Future of Server Licenses 


On October 16, Atlassian announced that it is accelerating its journey to the Cloud and will move towards phasing out its Server products. 

What's the deadline for license purchases?

From February 2, 2021, no new server licenses will be sold. Three years later, on February 2, 2024, the support for all Atlassian server products will end.

If you're thinking of purchasing our products, you need to complete the transaction before the February deadline. Please note, the best solution would be to purchase our apps for two years. (as later extensions won't be possible). Keep in mind, you can always purchase a Data Center application for your Server instance. 

Our products on Jira Cloud and Data Center

We want to remind you that no matter what version of our products you choose – be it Cloud, Data Center or Server – we will always offer you exactly the same scope of features and functions. Simply put, if you decide to migrate to Jira Cloud or Data Center, you will be able to use the same BigPicture, BigPicture Enterprise, or BigGantt that you and your organization are used to.

Keep in mind, presently there is no way to migrate the full setup of our products to the Cloud and you will need to manually adjust things after your data has been migrated.

Support for our applications on Jira Server

We want to assure you that we plan to further develop our products for all platforms for as long as feasible. It means that at least till February 2024, our Server products will not only be fully supported but also continuously improved – along with Cloud and Data Center versions.

More info on the upcoming changes can be found on the following page