BigGantt 8.0 revolutionizes the way your data is organized within the App. This means that there is no need for you to manage your work and initiatives carried out in your organization through individual, independent Programs (a term used in the previous versions of the Application).

The management of the entire work is carried out through a global Box structure, which, thanks to its tree structure, enables creating structured portfolios of projects/initiatives.

This approach is designed to support different management methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid Approaches combining Agile and Waterfall) and to enable data aggregation for reporting purposes at different levels of the organization (portfolio, project, stage, etc.).

Before you start

  • Important: Before installing the App visit Atlassian Marketplace and check which Jira versions are compatible.
  • To check for updates, make sure you have an Internet connection and check the Manage Apps section of the Jira administration.

  • We do recommend you backup your Jira and check the release notes for any known bugs and planned changes such as migration to a new module.

  • In case you encounter any problems use your backup and follow the reporting procedure and provide us with Jira logs.

  • We do not recommend a rollback to an earlier version. Use the backup and install the exact version which was installed when the backup was created.

After the App is upgraded or enabled, it runs a full scope synchronization process of all existing and active (not closed) Boxes. As a result, there is an increased probability that all active Boxes will be synchronized, once you open the App.

Installing the App for the first time

We recommend installing the App using Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager which always installs the latest version and - what's more important - the one compatible with your Jira instance.

You have to be logged in using an admin account in order to install the App - go to Jira Administration → Manage Apps → Find new Add-ons and search for "BigPicture".

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Manual installation

If your instance is not connected to the Internet, or you would like to test a specific version, visit this website to see all available versions. Be careful to choose the version for your Jira instance! When sure, click on the desired version to expand its row. Hit "Download" on the right-hand side.

The only thing left is to upload the file to Jira. You can do that by going to Jira Administration → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons. Select "Upload add-on" on the right-hand side.

Upgrading the App to BigGantt 8

Due to numerous new features and redesign of existing ones such as the new security roles or new task database structure the upgrade might take some time. This depends mainly on the number of items synchronized in the App's Programs. It is important to book enough time as the App will not be usable during the upgrade.

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