With each new release of our Cloud-hosted plugins, we endeavour to reduce disparities in functionality and customization that exist between them and our Server-hosted versions. However, due to technical prerequisites and limitations of Jira Cloud, inevitable variances remain.
SoftwarePlant's Server-hosted BigGantt remains the gold standard, serving as a point of reference towards which its Cloud-hosted equivalent should be developed.
This document examines such disparities by comparing and contrasting the features and functionalities of Cloud- to Server-hosted modules of BigGantt.


ModuleBigGantt CloudBigGantt Server






The list of missing functionalities in BigGantt Cloud

ModuleKey differenceExplanationPreviewIssue to track

Create Jira sub-task not available on Cloud

Atlassian Connect Jira JavaScript API does not provide such a functionality.

Ticket on Atlassian's end:

Edit Risk (Pencil Icon) / Edit Issue dialog not available on Cloud

Atlassian Connect Jira JavaScript API does not provide such a functionality.

Feature request on Atlassian's end:
Technical configuration

"Risk consequence" and "Risk probability" fields are locked.

Atlassian's REST API allows the plugin to add Select List (single choice) type of fields on installation only when they are locked, which means you can't:

  • change their name and description
  • edit their possible values
  • remove them
  • change their Context

You can:

  • change the Risk fields mapping in Technical configuration of the App (to use another field)

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  • create a custom field that better meets your needs and use it for the filed mapping
  • associate the Locked fields with various screens to use them in your projects

Technical configuration (WBS configuration)
Not available due to no UI conditions mechanism for Jira Cloud.

Technical configuration (Technical Info)Support data

Not available due to the nature of Jira Cloud hosting.

Technical configuration

Respect Jira's Screen scheme configuration

Not available at the moment.

ConfluenceGadgetsRemoved from Jira Cloud on July 7th, 2017. Details can be found here.-


Not available at the moment.


Feature request on SoftwarePlant's end:

ONE-7584 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AllJira keyboard shortcuts 1Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box can be displayed by pressing '?' ('Shift + /').

AllNot able to bulk change time tracking values such as original estimateApparently it has not been implemented by Atlassian
AllJQL hints as you type in Search Box and Quick filtersAtlassian API does not provide such a functionality.

AllJQL Enhanced functionality allows you to search for items based on data stored exclusively in the App's database (i.e. Box properties, soft links, etc.)  Jira Cloud doesn't support JQL enhancement.

If you have any further questions or are still in doubt why certain options or features remain inaccessible, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team via our Service Desk.

Custom fields from third-party Jira apps in BigGantt

Depending on functionality of a given plugin, custom fields based on third-party Jira apps may have limited or different functionality in the Cloud version of the product. For example, Traffic Lights can be displayed only as a text field. 

More information about functioning of custom fields related to third-party apps can be found on the following page