Don't delete this message! 

When you raise a support request through our Help Center, the system automatically responds with quite a long message. It is our explicit intention to create a single comprehensive reply - this ensures you have all the diagnostic information needed as soon as your service request is created. Faster processing of your request, and therefore its faster resolution, is the goal, so we hope you understand our point of view and do not treat our auto-reply as spam.


When you unsubscribe (click ''Turn off this request's notifications" link at the bottom of the email), the notification emails regarding ticket updates won't be sent to you. This affects more than a single e-mail thread related to a ticket - our system won't be sending any e-mails to the unsubscribed address; even if you create a new ticket later.

If you suspect your e-mail address has been 'unsubscribed' feel free to contact support - if that's the case, at your request we can remove it from the 'unsubscribed' list to make sure the system sends you notifications in the future.

Every auto-response sent by our system includes a warning about the possibility of getting unsubscribed from the request's updates by mistake. This is indicated by three exclamation marks in yellow triangles. 

A user may also get unsubscribed themselves directly from within the ticket by clicking on "Don't notify me". 

In order for a user to re-subscribe, they need to access their ticket again and click on "Get notifications". 

The support ticket can be accessed in a couple different ways. If a user reached out via our Help Center, they may easily get their ticket open using "My requests". 

Those who reached out via e-mail, may access their ticket clicking on "View request" on the very bottom or "To see your ticket, click here" in the first line of the auto-response they got.

For that reason, we do not recommend deleting/archiving/marking as read (unless it's been read for real) that auto-message until the support request gets resolved.