Warnings are event messages which appear while our plugin is operating. Every time the add-on needs intervention from a user or an administrator, it generates a specific warning. Warning management dialog box displays a warning log which helps us to manage add-on's malfunctioned behavior. Every row of warnings in the log corresponds to a specific type of interaction between the plugin and environment that and contains:

  • WARNING - warning message,
  • AMOUNT - how many times the warning has occurred,
  • ACTION - link to a place where warning can be addressed (optional). Please be aware that action link does not resolve the issue automatically!

Warning table can be sorted by columns: WARNING and/or AMOUNT.

To allow add-on operate properly, all warnings should be resolved.

Once all the issues have been addressed, clear the log by clicking the 'Clear log' button within the 'Program warnings' dialog. Even if issues have been fixed, the dialog box won't disappear until the log has been cleared.

(warning) To allow Add-on operate properly, all warnings should be resolved! If you have any doubts or questions contact our Support Team via our Service Desk.