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We think in pictures which is why showing a complex idea as a picture helps our understanding. Ideal for waterfall processes, Gantt chart is easy to understand, whether as a means of reporting or to simply keep stakeholders and team members in the loop. It also finds its value in agile processes, being best used to depict a portfolio level of ongoing projects and never losing sight of the big picture.

Project planning and management

Create and organize tasks directly on the chart. Customize the timeline view to oversee task progress and deadlines. Gain efficiency with inline editing and drag & drop interface.

Dependency visualization and data control

Create and manage Jira issue linking and guard them with Auto-scheduling. Analyze with Critical path, Baseline and custom markers. Utilize Quick Filters to adjust the scope with one click.

Agile compatible

Synchronize data by Jira Agile Sprints to assist Agile teams. Distinctive wrappers and highlights make the chart legible at both team and upper management level.


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