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Component roles lets you define your own custom types of component roles. Introduce a clear-cut hierarchy and assign different permission schemes, all separately for each Component.  What’s more, you can tie each role into different transition functions, like changing the assignee of issues inside a component automatically. You can even create a workflow based on component roles. Things will update on their own, and you can focus on the critical part: your actual work. The tools now work on their own.

Define global roles

Define an infinite number of roles and assign them to different Jira users for your Components, complete with color-coding for better visibility. Assign permission schemes to roles for maximum security and transparency.

Advanced permissions

Only users with a specific role can perform certain workflow steps. Features automatic validation, so no matter the number of roles, you will not be lost in your setup.

Automatic features

Automatic assignee changes for tasks inside a component to specific roles. Now your Jira issues are distributed across users automatically.


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