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Administration - Global teams

Global Teams can be used across multiple Programs and they can be easily converted to Program level teams.

The concept of teams is used mainly in the Resources, Roadmap and Board modules but as the information about the team is stored as a label or a custom field, it can be also displayed using Gantt, Scope or Risks module.

Teams can be synchronised with Tempo app.

Team name

Team name is used to identify teams by app's modules.

Team code

Team code is used to identify teams and depending on the configuration is stored as:

      • Labels
      • Single select type of field
Team board linkLink the team to its Board in Jira to quickly switch between different views.

Expand team

Team consists of team members, when expanded a list of members will be displayed.

User detailsLink to Jira user management section.
Add team buttonConfirm adding a new team when all the team details were entered correctly.
Membership periodYour resources can be shared across different teams in the same period of time or can be fully allocated to a single team. This issue can be addressed using the the memberships and availability of the team members.
Edit / Delete entriesEach entry on the list can be edited or deleted.
Add new membershipUse this button to define a new membership and enter the required membership period and the availability.
Add new memberAdd a new team member from the list of Jira users.
Synchronize with Tempo

Synchronize your Resources data including:

      • Workload plans
      • Holiday plans
      • Skills