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Defining the Holiday plans

The bank holidays can be planned using the Holiday plans. Similarly, like with Workload plans users or human resources can be assigned to those plans using the Resource Manager.

The table below shows the difference between available modes:

Holiday modeDescription
Non-working daysThe non-working days of the week are marked with a grey colour circle.
Fixed modeThe holidays in this mode will be automatically moved to the next year and are marked with a red colour circle.
FloatingThe holidays in this mode will not be moved to the next year automatically and are marked with blue colour circle.
Extra working daysThe extra days are marked with a white colour circle.

The Holiday plans reduce the resource's capacity which is calculated by the Resources and Board modules to zero.

Default Holiday plan

The default plan replaces the 'Working schedule' and is now a global setting used by all resources.

The working schedule configuration from previous versions of the app will be migrated to the Default Holiday plan.