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Tempo Apps Which Synchronize With BigPicture

Synchronization with Tempo was added to BP Enterprise with version 2.1.0. Starting with this release, BP can now integrate with any plugin mentioned below: 

  • Tempo Timesheets for JIRA v. 7.9 (released on 2014-05-05) and later,
  • Tempo Planner for JIRA v. 1.3 (released on 2014-06-11) and later,
  • Tempo Budgets for JIRA v. 8.0 (released on 2015-05-01) and later.

Synchronization between BPE and Tempo plugins will only work if plugins are installed within the same instance of Jira environment (this applies for Jira Server as well as Jira Data Center).

What features can be synchronized?

FeatureSynchronized with Tempo?
Workload Plans

Yes - Workload Schemes

Holiday PlansYes - Holiday Schemes
Teams and team membersYes
ResourcesAll of the above will be synchronized.

The 'Synchronize with Tempo' buttons trigger the synchronization between BigPicture Enterprise and Tempo plugin of your choice.

It is important to bear in mind that a user 'triggers' the synch-up - the synchronization between our plugin and Tempo plugins can now be achieved only on user’s request.