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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

To unlock the export manager, you need a licensed copy of our BigTemplate plugin.

Unlocking visual exports you will need to install Google Headless Chrome on your server.

Our Gantt can be exported to the following formats:

ApplicationFile formatsPlugin
Microsoft Excel.xlsxBigPicture, BigGantt
Microsoft Project.mpx, mpp, .pdfBigPicture, BigGantt 
PDF image.pdfBigPicture, BigGantt

What can be exported 

  • Gantt (BigPicture and BigGantt);
  • Risk (BigPicture);
  • Roadmap (BigPicture);
  • Resources (BigPicture). 


Common notes:

If  you want to use export - simply click Export in the top menu to open the export manager:

MS Excel export notes:

Currently 2 columns are added to clarify Work Breakdown Structure of your project:

  • "Parent Key" column points to value from column "Id";
  • "Parent Row" columns marks the excel row number of the parent task.

Soon it will be able to import links from your project.

Exported link format - "NT±L", where:

  • N - row of the links target task;
  • T - link type (FF - finish to finish; FS - finish to start; SF - start to finish; SS - start to start);
  • ±L - lag time in days;
  • multiple links are exported divided by comma.


Export to XML

Follow these steps:

  • open Program/Gantt which you want to export;
  • click Export → MSProject → XML;
  • after redirecting to document: RightClick → Save as → Save file in .xml extension;
  • open this file using your project viewer (MSProject, ProjectLibre, etc.).

2 kinds of PDF

A direct PDF option will export the Gantt as-is on screen. However, if you select PDF from MS Project's format picker, the exported file will have Project's visual styling:

You might have noticed one of the options is greyed-out on our screenshot. This happens if some technical requirements are not met.

(BigPicture) Roadmap, Resources, Risk

  • Click "Export" button on page which you want to export;
  • Click on appropriate button depends on what exported file's format should be.
  • Wait until page loading ends.
  • You will get proposal to choose path to save file or it will be saved to your default download folder (depends on browser's settings).