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Getting the logs of developer console.

In order to get the above-mentioned logs, follow a few below steps:

  1. Considering that you use Chrome browser, press F12 on your keyboard to open developer console,
  2. Open Trello and launch BigPicture Power-Up,
  3. Perform a page refresh and wait patiently until all the logs are displayed in the console,
  4. If some errors show up, right click on the area highlighted in red and select Save as...
  5. Attach downloaded content to your support ticket.

Getting Board's details.

In BigPicture Trello we can get information like organization ID or board ID by:

1) Entering the board.

2) In browser address bar, type in  '.json' on the end of address and press Enter

3) You should get the *.json file in your browser window. Now you can search for information you are looking for (i.e. to get organization ID just search for 'idOrganization').

Getting the .HAR file from Network tab of developer console.