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BigPicture menu

The BigPicture menu is a place where you can configure your BigPicture program, access the documentation and contact the support team or simply share your feedback.

BigPicture Owner

Member selected in this section will be used as the one in whose name BigPicture will operate on data. By default, it’s the one who installed BigPicture.


Cards from boards selected in this section will be visible to every Team member on each board where BigPicture is enabled.


Task limit

Set the maximum card amount to load in BigPicture and decide whether you want to include archived items or not.



Our Wiki pages provide guidance and useful information.


Feedback and support

Let us know what you think about our BigPicture! Keep in mind that we are constantly working on this power-up and more features will be available soon! Check out the BigPicture Trello Roadmap.


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