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Important: before installation, go to Atlassian Marketplace and check which Jira versions are compatible with BigPicture.

Installation in Jira

We recommend this way - Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager will always install the latest version of our plugin and - what's more important - the one appropriate for your Jira instance. You have to be loggedinonadminaccount, then go to Jira Administration → Add-ons → Find new Add-ons and search for "BigPicture".

Curious about BigPicture Enterprise? Click here to learn more about it!

Manual installation

If your instance is connected to the Internet, or you would like to test a specific version, visit this website to see all available versions. Be careful to choose the version for your Jira instance! When sure, click on the desired version to expand its row. Hit "Download" on the right-hand side.

Onlythingleftis to upload the file to Jira. This can be done in Jira Administration → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons. Select "Upload add-on" on the right-hand side.


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