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Managing Templates

This part of Documentation Article refers to the rework of the BigTemplate introduced in version 3.0.0. Features described here were not in place in its earlier versions.

Please be aware that the BigTemplate 3.0.0 is only compatible with BigPicture 6.14.0 (or later) and BigGantt 3.12.0 (or later).

After BigTemplate installation you will get a list of templates available for all types listed in the table below.


BigTemplate provides multiple features and functionalities within the area of our other add-ons (BigGantt and BigPicture) there are 5 types of templates available:

  • PROJECT - exporting data of Jira issues,
  • GANTT - exporting Gantt chart from BigPicture and BigGantt,
  • ROADMAP- exporting Roadmap from BigPicture,
  • RISK - exporting Risks from BigPicture,
  • RESOURCES - exporting Resources from BigPicture.
Name Template name.
DescriptionTemplate description.
FileUploaded template file.
DefaultTemplate used by default across different modules. E.g. set its context as 'Gantt' and the template will be displayed in Gantt module in every Program. You can adjust its visibility on a Program level.