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New Board module - Interface overview

The New Board module is a Program Board which can be used to visualise and highlight new feature delivery dates, as well as, cross-team dependencies. The timeline shows important events or milestones which determine the development of solutions.

The Board module includes four main elements:

Just like the previous Board module it utilises the concept of an Agile Schedule, which needs to be configured first. The Agile schedule can be configured using the Program wizard or by going to Program configuration.

The data on the Board can be displayed, both, at the Program Increment level and at the Iteration level. Moreover, you can customise the task card using the task template creator.

The table below describes the Board's main features:


Team picker

Select the agile Teams to be displayed on the Board.

Read more about Teams.


There are two levels of reporting:

  • Program Increment
  • Iteration

Collapse or expand all swim-lanes.

Select the compact mode or show full scope.

Display dependencies:

    • None
    • Correct
    • Incorrect
    • All


The Board configuration includes:

Capacity planningTo define the capacity of Teams and Team members.
Quick filtersTo filter data using previously created JQL filters in Program configuration.
Search box

Quick search using:

  • Task summary search,
  • JQL search.
Timebox infoAdditional information about the selected timebox which includes the timebox id.
Full screen mode

Use this mode to hide the Jira's and shared app's headers.


Dynamic timeline with 'Today' and 'Zoom' buttons.

Click on the timeline's arrows to navigate between Iteration and Program Increments or to add a Marker or an important event.

BacklogDynamic backlog sidebar presenting all tasks which can be planned on the board. Backlog can be presented as a flat list of tasks or as a task structure.
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