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Time-box reports

The reports can be generated on two levels:

  • Program Increment
  • Iteration

Reports at the Program Increment level is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.

When the report button is active an additional report configuration button displayed on the app's header:

1Chart type

Select the type of chart:

  • Pie chart - show percentage distribution of the data source, to see exact value hover over the segment of a particular Team.

  • Bar chart - show the measured value of the data source as bars.

2Data source

Select the source of data:

  • Tasks - generate charts based on the number of tasks presented on the Board. This options allows further grouping of tasks and counting in all available units.
  • Capacities - generate charts based on the capacities resulting form the Workload, Holiday and Absence plans. Capacity can be expressed using Story points or Man-days.
3Group by (available when the data source is 'Tasks')

Select how to group data - group by:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Status category

Count data by the number of:

  • Tasks
  • Story Points
  • Remaining Estimate
  • Original Estimate
  • Man-days

Instant Board reports examples:

Task grouped by issue status:

Work distribution between Team members:

Issue priority:

Status category based progress:

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