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The scope configuration at the Program Increment level is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.

Once configured, the scope of a Timebox (Program Increment or Iteration) will update automatically by synchronizing with the specified field (Timebox synchronized field).

The synchronization is bidirectional which means that:

  1. scheduling a task card for a specific Timebox will update the "Timebox synchronized field"
  2. a change of the field's value for a specific issue will be reflected on the Board (an updated issue will be scheduled on a synchronized Timebox)
The scope configuration works in exactly the same way, both at the Program Increment level and at the Iteration level.

The Board can visualize tasks which fit within the Program's scope only.

Please note, that you can update in bulk the following presets for new and existing (but not configured) Time boxes of a given type by modifying Scope synchronization template:

  • synchronization mode
  • synchronized field
  • default Jira board (in case Sprint was selected as a "synchronized field")

Time box synchronization mode

There are three options:

      • No synchronization - the scope of the Time box is not automated and the changes on Board will not propagate to Jira.
      • Shared - all teams share the same synchronization settings and the scope of the Time boxes is automated.
      • Team specific - each Team uses a separate synchronization settings and the scope of the Time boxes is automated.

Time box synchronized field

(Field to synchronize with)

Time boxes (Program Increments or Iterations) can be identified by the following Jira field types:

      • Sprint
      • Select list
      • Text field (single line)

Field value

A setup of bidirectional synchronization.

Once "Sprint" field is selected, you can pick the Jira board to narrow the sprint selection list to a specific Jira board.

"Any Jira board" option is only available on Jira Software server version.

Synchronization warning

The warning appears when the scope of a given Time box is not configured yet – a field value of a Time box synchronization field was not defined - although a synchronization is turned on (Shared or Team specific mode selected).

As a Timebox has a status "Closed" it is not possible to update the configuration.

Save button

Save the current scope configuration.

The save operation will succeed only if every configured Time box has unique configuration (e.g. there cannot be 2 iterations in BigPicture that are synchronized with the same Jira sprint)
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