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Team specific mode

The team specific mode is recommended if you would like to see information from multiple Jira software board and to show cross team dependencies.

When the option 'Team specific" mode is selected in the Scope synchronization view, moving cards between different Time-boxes will update the value of Box synchronized field for the timeboxes involved.

The Board module requires a configuration of at least one team involved. You can set a value of synchronized Time-box field as "--Not synchronized --". The option is available only when "Team specific" mode is selected.

In case a synchronization of team Time-box is set as "not synchronized", a system does not:

  • update a Box backlog/ a team Box backlog after a synchronized field was updated in Jira (the same as it works in "No synchronization" mode)
  • update a Box synchronized field after the scope of a Box was updated, e.g. a task was planned for an iteration (the same as it works in "No synchronization" mode).

Please note, that once "Sprint" field is selected as a Box field, a system always set "not synchronized" value until Jira board field is set.

When you switch to the 'No synchronization' from a different mode, your tasks will remain in the last place on the Board.

A warning message for unconfigured Boxes in a Scope synchronization screen is different for a Team-specific mode after a change is applied. New message:

"Synchronization is not configured yet. Define field value for at least one team"


You can automatically configure and create sprints on Jira boards.

To learn more about the Board go to the Working with the Board page.

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