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Basic operations on task cards

The Board module blocks moving tasks that are already not editable in Jira (eg. due to DONE status) and provides user with explanation why the tasks in unmovable.

Validation applies to both, cards assigned to Boxes and to cards presented in backlog sidebar.

Basic operations on tasks include:

  • Planning
  • Bulk re-planning
  • Adding tasks to the scope
  • Creating dependencies

All operations can be done using drag and drop:


Bulk re-planning

Use CRTL+click on Windows or CMD+click to select multiple tasks.

Adding tasks to the scope

When the task is added to the scope the following task fields will be updated:

  • Box field,
  • team field,
  • parent Box field (if available and synchronized).

Creating dependencies

Basic operations and outcomes:

Updating the task information
  • Time-box synchronized field not specified
Task not in the scope of the Board module.
  • Time-box field specified
  • Team not assigned
Task visible in the sidebar Backlog and in the time-box backlog swim-lane.
  • PI or Iteration time-box field specified
  • Team assigned
Task visible in the Team's swim-lane.
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