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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

Box switcher

Using the Box switcher you can easily shift between created Boxes by picking a Box from the list.

Once opened, the switcher will show the recently viewed boxes.

You will only be able to browse the Boxes to which you have permissions.

Currently, you can browse through the Program Boxes only.

The following information is presented for each Box on the list:

  • Box id
  • Box name
  • Box status
  • Favourite star

Searching boxes

You can also search the list of Boxes using the search box.

To narrow the list to your favourite Boxes only click on the 'star' button next to the search bar.

Currently, you can search the list by the Box name.

Clicking the "Home" button will take you to the Overview.