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Export to MS Excel's file is triggered by selecting the XLSX button on the right side from the chosen template's name in the Export Manager.

The plugin will automatically fill the first tab of the file with needed data, according to the rules listed below. This tab is obligatory and needs to be included in every Custom Template. The rest of the tabs are optional and will not be changed by the plugin. This is a great space to place your Pivot Tables and charts - just base them on the information from the Data sheet tab (the first tab).

Exported data

The mechanism will export all of the items from the Box currently selected in the BoxSwitcher, regardless of filters used on the Board Module. 

Each item will be placed in subsequent row. The items that can be exported are: Jira issues and BigPicture's Artificial tasks, as well as other task types (Projects, Versions, Components, or Sprints).

The first tab of the export file contains following columns:

  1. (Columns A-K) Default data that will always be exported, regardless of the settings. The order of those columns cannot be changed. 







    AIssue ID
    CLevel 1ID and name of a Box selected in the Box switcher (currently: Programs)
    DLevel 1 statusstatus of a level 1 Box
    ELevel 2ID and name of a Box that is one level lower in a Box Hierarchy than a Box selected in a Box switcher (currently: PIs)
    FLevel 2 statusstatus of a level 2 Box
    GLevel 3ID and name of a Box that is two levels lower in a Box Hierarchy than a Box selected in a Box switcher (currently: Iterations)
    HLevel 3 statusstatus of a level 3 Box
    ITeam namea Team that this task is assigned to
    JInward linksa total number of inward links of this task
    KOutward linksa total number of outward links of this task
  2. (Starting from column L) Fields that are visible on the task card. Initially, the columns are ordered alphabetically by name of the field they represent.
    To include/remove a field from the export customize the task cards, so that the field you want to export is visible/invisible on the card.

Example - "MS Excel Default Template (dependencies)"

One of the default export templates for Board, that is available with plugin's installation, is "MS Excel Default Template (dependencies)". It contains three sheet tabs:

  • Data
  • Pivot table - Inward links
  • Pivot table - Outward links

The Data tab is obligatory and will be automatically filled with data upon exporting. The remaining two tabs include exemplary pivot tables based on the information from the first tab. Feel free to use those as a base for your own customized Board Export templates.