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Calculate tasks period based on assignee's working days

Please note, that calculating tasks period based on assignee's working days applies only to the tasks that are not parent tasks in WBS structure.

The reason for such a limitation is that parent tasks can be automatically recalculated based on its children periods which may be in contradiction with working days of a resource assigned to the task.

If an option "Calculate tasks based on assignee's working days" is switched on, a system calculates task period based on assignee's working days and ignores global Working schedule. Such a scheduling is executed according to the following rules:

  1. system checks working days of assignee (individual resource) that allows assignee to complete the task based on:
    1. resource's Holiday Plans and Workload Plans
    2. task start date
    3. task duration
  2. system calculates a correct start date of the task
    1. in case a task start date is a non-working day, system finds the earliest possible working day that comes after task start date
  3. system calculates a correct end date of the task 
    1. system checks consecutively assignee's working days that fits task duration until task can be fully completed

In case system cannot determine correct task period because assignee has no working days in the future, system falls back to global Working schedule to determine task period (the same way as if task is unassigned).