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Re-syncking Programs

Re-synchronizing a Program will rebuild its structure. It can be accessed from 'Data' drop-down menu or by double-hitting 'r' on a keyboard and requires admin permissions.

This functionality, whenever trigged, pulls all Tasks to the Gantt chart based on Program's scope and completely rebuilds Gantt's WBS. In large Projects and Programs this may be a bit time and memory consuming therefore should be used once our Program parts do not synchronize correctly or seem to be out of place. Sometimes a simple browser Refresh (F5 or Ctrl+R) should do the trick.



Regular tasks

Tasks which are within the scope of the Program.

2Extra tasks Those are in fact the task attributes ie. Version, Project, Sprint, Backlog, Component. Those are added when you check the proper box in Program configuration > Synchronization,
3Obsolete tasksTasks which are out of the scope.
4Missing tasksNew tasks which match the defined scope.
5WBS Tasks that require WBS update.

Tasks which require recalculation ie. parents.

Program's data is stored in the app's cache after the synchronization is triggered. If the Program is not opened for more than 24h the cache is automatically cleared and a full synchronization will be triggered.