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This article refers to the rework of the BigTemplate introduced in version 2.5.0. Features described here were not in place in the BigTemplate 2.4.0 and its earlier versions.

Please be aware that the BigTemplate 2.5.0 is only compatible with BigGantt 3.4.0 (or higher)! Before upgrading your app, please make sure that the other two are also up to date.

Exporting Gantt With the Export Manager

With the complete rework of BigTemplate in version 2.5.0, we've introduced new Export Manager which will be accessible from both of our Gantt chart and Gantt's WBS management panels in our application. It will store all format templates which the Jira Administrator has predefined ('Assigning Templates' section). With our Export Manager you are able to export files to various image formats, a Portable Document Format - PDF (requires PhantomJS), MS Excel compatible files and two MS Project standards: MPP and MPX.

Please note that some file formats which are available for export may not be displayed by the default, therefore it is good to make sure that our JIRA administrator had assigned all necessary file types.

Default Export Templates

Templates Manager can be found in 'JIRA Administration' → 'Add-ons' → 'BigTemplate' add-on section. Templates Manager (Manage Templates) consists of 14 default templates for Jira Administrator to choose from. Whenever the template is lost or deleted, admin is free to reload them all with 'Load Default Templates' option, yet the one should note that this functionality can duplicate every pre-loaded template and not replace ones which are left in the stash. Therefore please bear in mind, it is always a good practice to get rid off all default templates before loading new ones to avoid unwanted conflicts and duplicates within the application.

BigPicture's and BigGantt's Gantt chart and Gantt's WBS default Export Manager should always have two templates predefined by the default and that includes export to: BMP, JPEG, PDF and PNG files as well as the MS Excel’s XLSX format.

Similar case goes for the Gantt’s third export format: MS Project’s MPP and MPX. Customization within these types of files has been disabled for the time being. Worry not though. Even though this functionality is simplified, it does not leave a user without option to modify it to their needs. Administrators will have a possibility to upload an MPP / MPX file with predefined settings to replace the default template in the manager, with one that would meet user’s needs.