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Imagine that you suddenly have the option to move into a luxurious mansion near the Italian seaside with your whole family. However, there is a catch - after arrival, you have to arrange the same way as before the move. Every single item needs to go on the same shelf or in the same drawer. How would you go about achieving this?


If your answer was "label my stuff and write down what goes where", then you will love Metrics! The above scenario is surprisingly relevant for Project Managers around the world. Many of them juggle multiple projects, often arranged in an intricate network of intertwinning connections and relations. And as far as barebones JIRA goes, well, you have this:

Basically, your only option to differentiate between projects is either to remember everything, either to keep a separate file with your own descriptions and tags. Or to use Metrics. Our JIRA Cloud plugin lets you add your own custom fields for every Project. Instead of just "Our new product", you can easily define and see fields like:


  • Responsible Team - Team A
  • Market: City youth
  • Budget: 1,000,000 USD
  • Deadline: March
  • Marketing strategy: Social Media
  • Partner: Guugle


And so on. Your imagination and needs are the only limit here! With all projects neatly labeled using many types of fields (dates, short texts, long texts, dropdown lists), Metrics truly puts the Me into your projects.