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The first tab loaded right after entering the Gantt Configuration menu is BigGantt’s General Configuration. All information that has been input while adding a Program via Wizard can be shifted here. It is possible to change 'Program Name', switch the 'Program Lead', and re-define its Start and End Dates along with description. Visible for everyone checkbox allows to make the program visible to everyone or only to yourself.

Please bear in mind that Program's Scope is defined by the range of data which Scope Context User has access to, therefore Program Lead can be any Jira user and despite their level of permissions in Jira environment, they will be able to view this Program along with the allocation of Tasks within its scope (as long as the Scope Context User is granted a certain level of permissions). In some cases though, when the Scope Context User, the Program Lead or any other Program Participant does not have a required set of permission to view a whole tree of Tasks ( - Tasks with defined Dependencies and / or the Parent-Child relationships) it will be displayed for them neither on Gantt chart nor on the Gantt's WBS.

Here is our video tutorial on that subject:

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