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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

Good to know before you start

  • A card in Trello is not like a task in BigPicture.
  • The former has only a Due date field that indicates when a card starts being "due" and this can be considered as a card's planned end date. Though, it does not have any field brought by Trello nor any custom field that may store information about a start date of a card. On the other hand, BigPicture requires a card to have both – a start date and end date – in order to visualize it on the Gantt chart. Whilst pulling a card into the Gantt, BigPicture gets its Due date and maps it to BigPicture's End Date field. If such a card doesn't have any Due date, BigPicture sets it accordingly to the next day. That is because, it is unable to determine what the length of a card on a timeline should be. As BigPicture also needs to pick a date to map it to Start Date field, a card's creation date becomes task's Start Date. This way a Trello card can be displayed on a Gantt's grid. However, here comes the tricky part.
  • If a user sets Due date to the past and a card's date of creation is later than a Due date then such a card becomes a task with the duration of a one day after being pulled into the Gantt. Why is that? BigPicture seeks for the aforementioned dates and faces a situation when Start Date is later than End Date what, in terms of displaying tasks in the Gantt, is clearly wrong. To overcome this, the Power-Up makes a correction of dates and changes a task's End Date to Start Date just to meet a basic logic condition – Start Date cannot be later than End Date. As a consequence of End Date's change, a Trello card's Due Date also changes.

For some Trello users, such a change may have a huge impact on what they have worked on prior to. Please, mind it.

BigPicture for Trello Limitations

Support of non-standard Trello pricing plans

Users utilizing Trello paid options listed below, will experience the Gantt chart not working.

Trello Business

We are working on fixing BigPicture Trello power-up for this paid option.

Trello Enterprise

Due to extended Trello Enterprise functionalties, BigPicture is not compatible with this paid option, yet.

Also see: BigPicture Trello power-up limitations

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