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Importing MS Excel file into a Gantt chart and WBS

Here's a template of a spreadsheet example and its cells allocation being formatted and ready for an import of the MS Excel file after it was firstly exported from a basic Gantt chart (to *.xlsx format).

The only Task Parameter that can be imported from the table formats (.xlsx or .ods) are:

  • Summary - A name of the Task.
  • Start Date, End Date - beginning and the end of the Task (should have format 'YYYY-MM-DD').
  • Parent Row - ordinal number of Excels row in which the parent of the Task is placed.
  • Link - a cell with dependencies / links, for example: 16FS-1 or 21SS+1, where:
    • 16, 21 - pointer to Excel's row with linked task;
    • FS, SS - link type:
      • FS - finish to start;
      • SS - start to start;
      • FF - finish to finish;
      • SF - start to finish.
    • -1/+1 - link lag in days.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Format your XLSX/ODS file with the previously described rules.
  2. Go to BigPicture/BigGantt Program manager → 'Add new Program' → 'Import data from file'
  3. Pefrorm steps from Program Manager#ImportingDataFromaFile and choose your XLSX/ODS file to import.
  4. Click 'Import MS Excel' and you will see dialog in which you should map fields from your files to task parameters
  5. 'Show' BigPicture/BigGantt which XLSX/ODS columns corresponds to BigPicture/BigGantt task fields.
  6. Voilà! Your file is imported!


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