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What is it

So what is WBS as an integrated part of Jira's issue view? Work Breakdown Structure is a mini-module, a panel which can be found in the Jira issue-page above the “Activity” container (all JIRA’s core containers are just above it). It manifests the allocation of an issue within the Program, assuming that the issue belongs to at least one Program. As a functionality it is only visible and accessible to all users logged into their Jira with valid and enabled instances of BigGantt and BigPicture. A view of this panel can be configure in the WBS Configuration in Jira Administration.

WBS operates in the context of a Program. Changing it is possible with a context-switcher.

The button enables the search option and returns the list of all Programs that the issue belongs to. By the default the WBS will display in the context of the frequently used (edited / displayed) Program in BigGantt / BigPicture as long as it contains the issue we are currently viewing.

WBS displays the structure of a JIRA tasks’ embedment in a application's Programs in a very clear way. User may pick out of two modes:

  • Focused – a TreeGrid view, focused on a specific issue with a simplified structure of its allocation within the Program (including parents only up till the Program level)
  • Overview – a TreeGrid view focused on a specific issue in a context of a whole Program’s structure, including its sibling tasks, their parents, grandparents up to the Program itself. Basically a whole WBS view with a centred issue which we are currently displaying.

Performance implications

Every view of Jira issue with WBS widget visible will trigger resynchronisation of BigPicture Program which contains viewed Jira Issue.

If the BigPicture Program contains more than 1000 issues in scope, such resynchronisation may take a significant amount of time and generate a significant traffic for you Jira Server.

Due to this it is recommended to utilise the configuration aspect of this functionality, described in Configuration chapter.


WBS widget can be automatically hidden based on Jira Projects or Jira Issue Types. Configuration is available in Jira Add-on Administration section accessible to Jira Administrators.


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