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Adding markers

Markers can be added to the timeline to, for example, mark a deadline or to indicate the current date.

To add a marker, simply hover over the the dates and a "Add marker" option will appear:

The marker will be then visible in all the modules which include the timeline.

Markers are colour coded:


  • purple colour - indicating the current date.

  • custom colour - markers can be colour coded to differentiate between types of events.

Editing markers

Click on the pen icon to edit an existing marker.

In this view you can edit the following information:

  • name,
  • colour,
  • date,
  • additional description.

The description will be visible when hovering overing over the marker.

You can also click on the marker to expand and show the entered name.

Live sync

Once enabled in Technical configuration - Advanced - Lab features, all marker will be displayed as soon as added to the timeline.

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