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Box name linkLink to the first active module of the Program Box.
Box leader link

Link to the users detail page.

View optionsEnable horizontal and vertical lines on both the timeline and the list:
  • Grid lines
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
  • Hierarchy lines
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
  • Labels - select the position of the task label:
    • Hidden
    • On the task bar
    • Next to the task bar
Collapse / Expand allView the high level information only (Program Box level) or expand to the maximum level of detail (currently the Iteration level).
Timeline Zoom in / outChange the range presented on the timeline.
Today buttonAdjust the timeline to the current date which is marked using a marker.
Fit to scale buttonAdjust the timeline such that all your boxes will be visible starting from the earliest start date to the latest end date.
Mini mapNavigate through all your Boxes using the mini map. Click on the map to adjust the main timeline.

The Boxes in this mode are represented as bars just like on a Gantt chart and a "top-down" mode is used for the Program Increment and Iteration levels. This means that lower level boxes can not exceed the parent's period.

The Program Box is in manual mode which means that you can extend it or shorten it as required (currently there is no validation).

Using this mode you can do two main operation on your boxes:

  • move,
  • resize.

Select a Box on the list by clicking on it and the timeline will center to this box.

The box period is shaded yellow when adjusted (moving or resizing) using drag & drop to help you in finding the exact start and end dates:


You can drag and drop the bars to change the Box's dates when the status of the Box is other than Closed.

If a user does not have permissions to view the Box it will be shaded out.

To lear more about Box scheduling go to Overview - Box scheduling.