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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

Hierarchy view

The Boxes in this mode are represented in a form of a table showing a hierarchy of Boxes and their attributes.

When a filter is applied and higher level items do not fit the filter criteria they will be greyed out and still shown on the list.

FavouriteMark the Box as a favourite and filter out non-favourite Boxes using the filters.
Box name linkLink to the first enabled module in the Box configuration.
Box leader link

The Box leader has access to the configuration of the Program Box by default. Clicking on the Link will redirect you to the user details page.

Program leader role can be assigned to a Project Manager or a Project Sponsor.

Module linksLinks to different modules enabled for the Box.
Box idUsed to identify Boxes (instead of using the full Box name).
Box type

A Box can be a representation of the following:

  • Portfolios
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Agile Release Trains(ART)
  • Program increments
  • Phases
  • Stages
  • Iterations

In BigPicture 8 you will be allowed to create and configure your own types.

Box operations

You can add new boxes, configure, edit exiting ones or delete them.

Click the link to learn how to a create a new Box and edit existing ones.

ShortcutsUse the shortcuts to navigate through the list of Boxes - to view the list press Shit + ?

Working with filters

If you see an empty box please check the enables filters in top right corner. Active filters are marker with an orange dot.

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