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Customising the view

Each column can be further configured and there are two options:

  • data aggregation
  • display

New Time tracing formula is now available: Time spent / (Time spent + Remaining estimate) *100%.

The available aggregation and display options will vary depending on the type of field added as a column.


Columns preview

Preview your column setup.
Column configuration - Display

Select how to display the available data. Most common options include:

      • Text
      • Lozenge
      • Date
      • Date with time

Fields such as Time Tracking have additional options:

      • Progress
      • Progress with %
      • Reported/expected progress
      • Reported/expected progress %

Column configuration -Aggregation

Select how the data will be aggregated on the parent level of WBS:

      • None
      • Minimum
      • Maximum
      • Sum
      • Sum without parent
      • Average
      • Average without parent
      • Children by status category
      • Children by status category %
Tree rootSelect the field next to which the WBS tree (task hierarchy) will be displayed.
Remove columnRemove the field column from the task list.
Field nameList of available fields which can be added as a column to the Gantt task list.
Field typeType of available fields - depending on the type, different display and aggregation options will be available.
Add fieldAdd a field as a column.
Column configurationSelect the display and aggregation settings.
Field search boxSearch the list of available fields.