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General configuration - Agile schedule

The Agile schedule consists of Program Increment timeboxes in which solution are delivered during Iteration.

The Agile schedule can be generated automatically or created manually and is used mainly by the Roadmap and Board modules.

The Iteration and Program Increment information can be synchronized with Jira, in most cases, the Sprint field and Program Increment custom field are used.

The timeboxes' dates can not overlap ie. the next Program Increment can not start before the previous one ends.

If you are not an Agile team you can still use the Agile schedule for non-agile project. Simply rename the Boxes to represent a required periods such as month, quarter or year.


Generate schedule

Generate an Agile schedule automatically starting with the Program's start date.

2Delete schedule

Delete all entires to auto generate a new schedule or create it manually.


+ New PI

Add a new Program Increment to the schedule.
4+ New Iteration
Add a new Iteration to the schedule.
5+ Next PI
Add a next Program Increment to the schedule, based on the information about the previous PI.
6+ Next IterationAdd a next Increment to the schedule, based on the information about the previous Increment.