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This section of the app was redesigned so if you are using BigPicture version newer than 7.10 (or BigGantt 4.9.0) please use this link Program Box Configuration - Tasks - Scope definition.

General configuration - Defining the scope of the Program

Program's Scope is defined by the range of data which Scope Context User has access to, therefore Program Lead can be any Jira user and despite their level of permissions in Jira environment, they will be able to view this Program along with the allocation of Tasks within its scope (as long as the Scope Context User is granted a certain level of permissions).


Scope Context User

Scope Context User - a user in whose context data (Jira issues) used in the Program will be pulled to it, based on the scope and range of permissions which that specific user has.


Programs can be created together with a new project or use existing data available in Jira:

When using the JQL filters to define the scope, make sure that the filter is shared with BigPicture and BigGantt users or they might not see the Quick filter results. Applies to both Board and Filter boxes as Boards use filters to display issues.

    • Board - pick from the list of previously created Jira Boards (requires Jira Software), the Program will pull in all the issues which fit the agile's board "Saved Filter" query.
    • Filter - pick from the list of previously saved JQL filters

    • Project - pick from a list of created projects

To narrow the scope of the Program, you can use the extra filter (JQL).

There is an 'OR' gate between Board, Filter and Project scope elements, while 'AND' gate with the Extra filtering condition element which narrows down the scope.

Scope misconfiguration errors warnings

The warning states, that you have added a JQL to Program's scope a which leads to an item that does not exist (such as a filter or a project) or you don't have permission to access:


'Scope misconfiguration! A value with ID '10375' does not exist for the field 'id'. user: (...)

To avoid such warnings, run a JQL using Jira issue search first to see if the results are what you aim for in your Program.