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General configuration - Synchronization and Work Breakdown Structure

Program's Scope is defined by the range of data which Scope Context User has access to, therefore Program Lead can be any Jira user and despite their level of permissions in Jira environment, they will be able to view this Program along with the allocation of Tasks within its scope (as long as the Scope Context User is granted a certain level of permissions).



Remove tasks not in filter - define which issues will be synchronized between Jira and the app. 

Please note that 'Remove tasks not in filter' feature is set to 'ON' by default and when this option is selected, all tasks which do not fit the current filtering scheme of the Program's Scope, will be removed from the list of tasks (eg. visible on the Gantt module). 

New default task mode - default mode of tasks added to the scope of the Program.

2Task types

Task types - define which additional elements (e.g. Versions, Components, Projects, backlog) should be added to the scope of the Program and be constantly synchronized in your Work Breakdown Structure. 


Task hierarchy (automated WBS)

Task hierarchy - define how to automatically build the structure of the tasks within a particular Program. 

You can set the suitable rules by activating respective synchronizers.