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Tiles view

The Programs in this view are represented as tiles. Using drag and drop you can change the status of the selected Program.


Program status

When you change the status of the Program it will be indicated with a different colour in all views. There are three Program statuses:

    • New
    • Started
    • Closed
Program avatarPick an avatar using the Program Wizard.
Program name

Name of the Program which can be used to text search the list of Programs.

Mark as favouriteMark the Program as favourite to filter the list of Programs.
Program's expected progressProgram's expected progress is not calculated based on the data it contains. It is calculated as the number of days since start date divided by Programs duration.
Program descriptionAdditional description field add in the Program basic configuration.
Program leaderProgram leader has access to the Program's configuration by default.
Module linksLinks to different Program modules and Program configuration.