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Except for the Jira's Security which Jira Administrators set in their environment, our app also allows to assign users and groups to three different levels of permissions. If in the Jira Administration → Add-on's → (BIGGANTT / BIGPICTURE) Security Panel our Jira Administrator has selected 'Permissions For Everyone' then this setting cannot be configured as everyone has the same level of permissions. 

Our three levels of permissions are as follows: 

  • Program Reader (users are able to open the app and display Programs, yet nothing more than that)
  • Program Editor (users are allowed to create new Programs; they automatically have the access permissions to Programs in which they participate)
  • Program Admin (full permissions are granted for a given user/group, including Program configuration)

Please keep in mind that Program Administrators not necessarily need to be Jira Administrators. Depending on the privileges one holds in the company these may always vary.  

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