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Cloning an existing Program

The cloning feature replicates all tasks and relations between them, while following the same synchronization and scope definitions.

Even though Cloning can be a very powerful functionality, it will not replace Program Creation functionality. As it copies Programs only on their highest layer, it is very useful for the purpose of creating Project Portfolio Templates, which we can later re-use for certain types of Programs.




Clone an existing Program

Pick a Program to be cloned.


Basic data

Enter the following information and decide if you want to create a new Jira project or clone tasks to an existing project:

    • Program name

    • Program leader - has access to the Program configuration by default.

    • Program duration - determines the Agile schedule and has no impact on the tasks.

    • Privacy settings - when set to private other users, except for the app's admin, will not see the Program in the Program Manager view.

    • Avatar


Advanced configuration


    • Project key - when a new Jira project is created with a Program

Which data can be cloned?

The most common cases and limitation are described in the table below:

DataCloning result (Yes / No)
Work breakdown structureYes.
Issue types


If the project does have the required issue types in the issue type scheme.

If a new project is used with different issue types the default issue type will be used for all tasks which can not be matched.

Summary fieldYes.
Start / End date synchronized fields


The fields selected as Start / End date in Global configuration - Task configuration.

Other fields beside Summary and synchronized date fieldsNo.
Required fields


The required fields can not be populated by the app, hence before cloning the Program make sure all possible fields are set as optional

Version or Component


The app is capable of creating Jira Issues and recreating the structure. It is not capable of creating anything that is not a Jira Issue while cloning, therefore it will automatically replace the original Version or Component with an Artificial Task.