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Adding column views

Customise the task list to display available data as columns on the list. Each field added as a column can be further configured and the configuration options depend on the type of field added to the view.

The column view setting are the same for both Gantt and Scope modules.


Create new

Create a new column view from scratch.
Predefined views

Predefined views with commonly used columns that are present by default in every program. Those presets depend on the data aggregation type selected when creating a Program using the Program Wizard.


Publish the column view to make visible to other users or keep it private.
DetailsCustomize the view by adding different fields available in Jira.
DuplicateMake a copy of the selected view. It is especially useful when you want to modify an existing view and save it as a new one.
DeleteDelete a column view. Currently active view has the Delete option disabled.
Favourite viewMark you view as favourite to display it in favourite section of the view switcher.