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What are Quick Filters?

Quick Filters allow users to filter displayed data according to any JQL (Jira Query Language) statement. This gives the user great flexibility with what is displayed in the window. Information about the JQL as the advanced form of searching, query types and more can be found in the official Atlassian Jira documentation.

By the default, there are a few Quick Filters set in place above the Gannt chart. These can of course be deleted. Among these filters we can find:  My tasks (tasks Assigned to the User), Unresolved (tasks in the status Open and Reopened), Updated <5d (tasks updated within last 5 days).

Creating Quick filters

Users can create Quick filters (ad-hoc filter) as needed or create saved filter that will be always displayed in any BigPicture component window.

  • Enter a 'Name' (will be a button name automatically).
  • Enter a 'JQL' statement (you can use Jira auto-complete mechanism).
  • Enter a 'Description', which will be stored only in Quick filters tab, so you can quickly figure our what does the filter do.
  • Click the 'Add' button.


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