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BigPicture is a project management suite for Jira and introduces some concepts absent in Jira. It provides effective tools to manage your projects' tasks as well as your portfolio. This guide will take you through the basic steps, just to get you started with BigPicture. If you want more information about these important features, each is linked to it documentation pages.

Before you begin, make sure your Jira installation is ready to work properly with our plugin. If you're not sure about it, contact our Support Team - we'll help you with installation and configuration

Evaluate your first Program

Above you can see Program Manager. A Program is a collection of Jira Projects, boards or, simply, tasks. It can be any number of projects simultaneously as well as just a single project, depending on your preference. There are several options available to create a Program and to import your tasks via Program Wizard but, if you are just getting started, select the "Evaluate with sample data", which is the best way to learn the basics and understand how our plugin works.

Each program requires a Program name, Program leader, start- and end-date and defining initial permissions. A new Jira project will be created together with the Program, but you can add the sample data to existing Jira projects.

All you have to do now is to click "Let's get it started" button and - voilà! Congratulations! You have just created your first Program! You are going to see Program's Gantt chart, but this is just one of the modules.

Multiple Program creation options

Let's go back to Program Manager and check other Wizard options.

Create new Program

This option allows you to start from scratch or if you already have your favorite Program settings, use the configuration of an existing one. The most important step, besides entering some basic program information, is defining the scope or the set of tasks of the Program.

To start from scratch, "Create a brand new JIRA project". To define the set of tasks for your Program, you can select from the list of previously created Jira boards, saved JQL filters or - simply - select from the list of created Projects. Combine different filters and projects or limit thescopewithaJQL filter. You can also disable some of the modules or select advanced settings to further customize your Program. You are ready to go - click on "Let's get it started".

Clone existing Program

This option allows you to clone a previously created Program template, copy all tasks together with their structure and Program configuration to use with your future projects. You are ready to go - click on "Let's get it started".

Import from data file

This option is recommended for users who want to migrate from other tools and is available only with an active BigTemplate installation. If you already have an MS Project file and want to import it, select how you want to structure your tasks and select the file you want to import. Next, match columns from your file with proper task fields. You are ready to go - click on "Let's get it started".

What's next?

Good news - now you're ready to get familiar with Program configuration!


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