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New key features

Jira Cloud performance improvements → Two important features work faster: re-sync and rescheduling. Moreover, we have limited amount of queries from BG to Jira, in that Jira is not overloaded by BG and works smoothly.

Tasks are automatically scheduled based on assignee's working days → Task start and end dates (task period) and its duration are always (if the feature is on) adjusted to working days of an individual resource assigned to a task, e.g. task will automatically be longer if non-working days are in-between task's time period. Read more here.

Task period is recalculated based on auto bottom-up and auto top-down task mode (Gantt module) → Auto mode is replaced by two new modes: auto bottom-up and auto top-down. If auto bottom-up mode is on, parent tasks will be adjusted to their children; if auto top-down mode is on, parent task guards the periods of its child tasks. Read more here.

Allow App to make changes in Jira instance → The configuration applies to specific cases, such as updating issues fields which are not visible due to screen schemes configuration, that allows you to start working with an add-on without warning. Read more here.

Jira Project is set by default based on selected task (Gantt module) → By creating new Jira issue Project is automatically filled in based on selected task on Gantt. Read more here.

Task mode is synchronized with a chosen field in Jira (Gantt module) → It is possible to migrate all task modes from BigPicture/BigGantt to selected field in Jira. Read more here.

"Migrate values" option for all fields in task configuration (BigPicture administration) → It is now possible to migrate values from all synchronized fields in task configuration instead of Start/End dates only. Read more here.

Bug fixes

  • Export Gantt and Issue details to Excel added Description to Summary column
  • Inactive Reporter generated an Error in Gantt module
  • Dragging right side of Parent Task in Manual mode fails
  • Gantt timeline limit did not work properly
  • Handling '@' on ends during user favorite program property migration
  • Property tables migration key split an Error
  • User was unable to proceed to Gantt Column View configuration page by URL link
  • Cloning a program from older version caused an Error
  • Error message in Program Wizard is displayed in different form
  • Program Overview button was badly displayed on new Jira issue detail page
  • Only first task was visible after first creation of Program
  • Story point field (numeric field) did not display aggregation by status category 
  • Status lozenge color was based on literal value, instead of statusCategory


Issue Type Priority
BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor T:
BugBug 1 2 12 3 18
FeatureFeature 0 2 3 0 5
StoryStory 0 2 87 2 91
Total Unique Issues: 1 6 102 5 114
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