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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

Known issues

T Key Summary P

Key new features

ModuleFeatureDescriptionDoc articleSneak peek
GanttGantt 2.0 module ALPHA release (limited functionality)

Gantt 2.0 provides significantly improved user experience and improved performance. These functionalities enable various sets of operations that can increase everyday tasks productivity.

A new set of features includes:

  • Baselines
  • Improved Time-boxes
  • Multi-select
  • Inline task adding
  • Integration with Board
  • and more!

Read more: Release notes for BigPicture New Gantt


GanttTaskbar progress - redesignTask progress can be now disabled and no longer shown on the taskbar. With the redesigned progress indication your team and stakeholders will be up to date with a single glance on the Gantt chart.Doc

GanttLinks displayed according to business rules

Complex dependencies with different business rules are now easier to identify. Improved display of non-standard links:

  • Non ASAP
  • ASAP
  • Soft links

GanttTime - Boxes (eg. Iterations) shades on Gantt 2.0Shaded Iterations to highlighting the iteration period, as well as, the start and end dates.Doc

GanttTask information display options on Gantt 2.0Task information display option can be now adjusted. Hide or show the summary, issue key, dates or assignee on the task or right next to it.Doc

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 20.45.44.png

GanttMulti-select tasks to make bulk changes is available on Gantt 2.0Managing tasks' structure using multi-select is as fast as it gets. Indent, outdent, bulk move all using drag and drop.Doc


Soft links are possible to display on Gantt 2.0

Additional soft link available in Gantt. Soft link are primarily used to show dependencies using the Board module and have no scheduling impact.


Inline adding using Jira issue dialog on Gantt 2.0 module

New inline task adding by simply clicking exactly where you want to add the task.Doc

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 17.56.05.png

Box configurationManually added tasks and manually removed tasks

Manually added tasks are tasks which do not fit the scope filter but were added by the user using the app's modules but the issue was created in a project which is not included in the scope.

Out-of-scope tasks list shows tasks which no longer fit the filter due to the change of the Program's scope.


Box configurationBox Configuration - Tasks/Scope definition

Redesign of the scope definition section with manually added and removed tasks and task synchronization options (previously in the Synchronization tab).


Box configuration

Box Configuration - Tasks/Task structureTask structure in now moved to a separate section of the box configuration.Doc

Key bug fixes

  • Activations of the same tenant are executed concurrently in different threads
  • ScheduledTaskBundle does not share correctly SchedulableTransactionContext for SchedulableResizableTasks
  • After deleting program user is not able to completely delete dates in issues that were in that program
  • End Dates and Start Dates are interpreted incorrectly with certain time zone settings
  • NPE in BoxTaskScopeDefinitionExtPlatformHibernate when no extra task sync strategies are set
  • Requests with incorrect format of BoxId should be redirected to static page
  • Upgrade Task 12 for BG fails

  • Deleting a non-last quick filter causes errors on subsequent reorders

  • Failed to deserialize object at ClashingDependenciesCalculator
  • If user's favorite program is nonexistent migration fails

Bug fixes

Issue Type Priority
BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor NoneNone T:
BugBug 2 8 27 4 1 42
FeatureFeature 0 2 1 1 0 4
StoryStory 0 5 31 1 10 47
Total Unique Issues: 2 15 59 6 11 93
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Bug fix list

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