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  • New module: Scope
  • Customizable Task cards on Risks module
  • Resource module task inline dialog now shows task assignees
  • Rearranged Schedule header
  • Modified messages for closing Schedule items

Bug fixes:

  • Assignee is not visible in WBS module
  • "Unassigned" in assignee column shouldn't have a clickable link
  • PI/Iterations are ordered basing on addition time not by start and end date
  • Custom template added to a project is not available from issue view

Issue Type Priority
BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor TrivialTrivial T:
BugBug 0 4 28 6 1 39
FeatureFeature 1 0 1 0 0 2
StoryStory 0 1 36 3 0 40
Total Unique Issues: 1 5 65 9 1 81
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